GameCon 2019


Press Release

No. Subject Date
17 press17 ["Smart M" Drone, VR, 3D printing... Meet your future dreams] 2015.06.02
16 press16 [Do Experience Stanford at COEX] 2015.06.02
15 press15 [Connect Venture companies with Listed companies for 'EXIT' vitalization] 2015.06.02
14 press14 [Make and Fly Drones with mom, teacher] 2015.06.02
13 press13 ["Design Thinking School" leading the world intention will open for the first tim... 2015.05.31
12 press12 [Future factory, Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality…Look ahead to the Mobile market... 2015.05.27
11 press11 ["Design Thinking School" will be held for the first time in Korea] 2015.05.22
10 press10 [Key is Win-win Strategy with Startup; For Fruitful Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises] 2015.05.19
9 press9 [Korean Startup EXIT strategy can be solved at 'MK Startup BEST'] 2015.05.13
8 press8 [Seek for Korean silicon valley at 'MK Startup BEST'] 2015.05.13
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